I am thankful for my family

I am thankful for my friends

I am thankful for continuous growth as my journey continues to prosper from every end.

Life has its ups and very well has its downs

I am thankful for strength

I am thankful for peace

I am thankful for the courage that continues to be bestowed within me

I am thankful for the beauty all around

For the laughter, jokes and love

Many thanks to the big man that sits up above!

I am thankful for longevity and the gift to see another year; while continuing to pray for family members to rest peacefully that couldn’t be here.

To my friends and family I am so grateful and thankful for each and every one of you. May your good become better, better become great and great becomes extraordinary. I am so lucky to have you all along my journey. I appreciate you all for reminding me of what Love feels like, even when it’s undeserving. ♥️


If you you know me, you know that….

11. Once you’re locked in, you’re locked in for life….promise 🤞🏽

See you at the top boo!

Janae 😘

15 thoughts on “THANKS🍁GIVING

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Janae and family and readers and my fellow bloggers !!

  2. Same to you and your family ♥️

  3. Happy Thanksgiving ❤😉

  4. You are welcome. Here in Canada we have our Thanksgiving in October. Thanks I appreciate the thought Janae

  5. Careless Casanova, November 23, 2018 — 4:25 am

    Happy thanksgiving… We don’t have such in Kenya 😭..

  6. Happy thanksgiving to you. Very thoughtful of you to highlight all that you’re thankful for.

  7. A life without gratitude is nothing ❤️

  8. Ohh thankfully blessed may you be

  9. Great post! yes, you should be thankful for everything somebody does for you!

  10. You’re absolutely right, couldn’t agree more!

  11. Thank you Janae!

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