Held Hostage

When I used to talk to you I started to deteriorate

That’s why I’m not available anymore

I fear being taken back to that old place

That’s why we don’t communicate like before

I forgave you a long time ago

Not for you…I forgave you for me

It was tough but, I knew I had to set myself free

I felt like I was held hostage for longer then I could imagine

One day things changed…I left

That shit just happened!

You broke an old version of me

I could not fix her

Pained and bruised in different areas of her life

I could not sit back and allow you to destroy her

I always believed in reincarnation but, I was able to experience it firsthand

This rebirth process has been a blessing on so many different levels

I turned my “I can’t” attitude into “I can”

I feel like I can do anything now

So much good coming my way

Who would have known being held hostage is something that I would be grateful for everyday!

“I no longer want to treat the wrong people right” -B

If you know me, you know that…

21. The path of my evolution unfolds before me! I am guided!

See you at the top boo!

Janae 😘

Photo cred 📷:Liyah Ali 💕

21 thoughts on “Held Hostage

  1. So good Janae that you took a stand for liberation 🙂

  2. This just sums up who I became a few years ago!

  3. It’s a process for sure! Good for you! ♥️

  4. Trials and Tribulations equals growth! You suppose to learn from your mistakes. I learn my mistakes from being alone, separation, and losing valuable things and people/person. “I no longer want to treat the wrong people right” very True! We all experience a hostage situation until we realize I can and I can’t is a mind thing.
    I can will take anywhere you want to be, give you anything you want to have. It’s in the mind!
    Your life is a movie you choose the characters in it.
    You choose your friends, your lawyer, your doctor, husband, wife and so on.
    Forgiving is the best and there always a changing process.
    Everything is growth!! The brain, the body, the mentality, your career.
    Everything! Keep growing! Keep shining! Keep smiling and keep receiving blessings on blessings.
    Shining Star you are!!
    Nice post!! You are really inspiring! Waiting on the book!
    See ya at the top! ❤️

  5. “The path of my evolution unfolds before me!” – This is a gem! Please never forget this message as it is a testament to your strength and perseverance. Be reminded of who you are and who you belong to.

    “That gangsta shit is IN you not ON you, ya digg?!”

    I love this. ❤️

  6. I’m happy you love this, A. Boogie! 😊

    Oh I can definitely dig that! GFL 😂♥️

  7. This spoke to my heart.
    After several failed relationships and 3 failed marriages, I looked at the men I’d chosen and compared them to dresses. All of them were different material, but they were cut from the same pattern.
    I found one man in my life who WAS different. I became a widow after 10 years of marriage. Once you know the problem, the next task is to look at the pattern and not the material differences.

  8. I love this advice. I never looked at it this way. Thank you so much for stopping by. I’m glad my writing spoke to you! You are amazing and I am so glad that you were able to meet your match; some women never have that chance. ♥️

    “Once you know the problem, the next task is to look at the pattern and not the material differences”…love this so much!

  9. When I read what you wrote, and wrote that to you, it all clicked in my mind.

  10. Such powerful words suplimened with your adorable pics says all you want to express in words.🥰

  11. Janae there is no doubt, you can do anything. By choosing the gift of Forgiveness it frees you to love, to live and grow. No longer held hostage. Perfected love, cast down fear. It is God’s unconditional love.

  12. Yes! I feel as though I can do all those things again. I will never think live is hard again!…love is so easy ♥️
    Thank you so much for always stopping by!

  13. So true, indeed. You are welcome Janae. It is always a pleasure to stop by.

  14. Forgiveness is always for our sake not for them. Well penned. That last quote resonated with me.
    Love & light. Keep blossoming. 💫✨

  15. ✨Thank you so much! Yes, one of my good friends mentioned that quote to me and just like you, it really resonated with me. ✨

  16. Good one Janae ☺️
    I nominated you for Sunshine Blogger in my new post
    Feel free to check it out anytime

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